Alexandra Fedorovsky

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 70 kg


Bachelor's Degree in Theatre& acting, University of Haifa, Israel.

Study abroad acting program, University of Richmond, USA.


Ivana Chubbuck's acting method, begginer+advanced with Alon Neuman and Shahar Rozen

Camera acting class with the director Yuval Shefferman.




Friday Dinner


The mother-lead, by Tslil Hajaj,

Acre Festival, Hasimta Theatre 

Best show award winner in Spring Festival 

Butterflies in The Sunrise

One of the mothers, a prison guard, a revolutioner,

The play included dance, physical performance, and singing.

ZAGOPA Ensambale, By Idan Silberstein,

Jaffa Interntional Festival 

ZAGOPA Ensamble Group


A lead actress, writer, physical actress, singer. by Idan Silberstein,

Short monthly performances followed by parties.

Hasimta Theatre 




A woman in a war, by Oleg Rodovilsky& Marina Belyavtseva,

ZERO Theatre (In Russian)


Children fairytales based plays


Snowhite, The Red riding hood, Cinderella and other lead female roles.

Children company productions by Maya Bahir, Zvika Buzaglo and Tali Regev                                             

Lea Goldberg Celebration


The moon-lead, by Yuval Cohen& Dana Dvorin,

Haifa Theatre.




The Actress

Michal- lead, short film, by Sharon Shaked, Kino Festival 

Inside Out

Alex-lead, a short film written by me. directed by Sharon Shaked, Kino Festival 


Life's like this

Gali- lead, a short film by Rotem Green, Seminar Kibbutzim College


The mime-lead, short film by Yaniv Assa, Kino Festival.

Has to Breath

Roni-lead, a short film by me& Lior Naor, Kino Festival.


University Tel Aviv Commercial, lead.​

Consumerism (Independent), lead.

Languages and special skills:


English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and studies German.


Guitar Player, Writer, Poetry, Dubbing, Voice over, Singing- Mezzo- Soprano, Military training in the IDF, Acting coach, languages coach, Pilates, Zumba, Make-up skills.

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