"An international actress, plays in theatre and films, sings, models, plays guitar, writes and leads acting workshops..."

Alexandra Fedorovsky


About Me

Hey! It's Me. Introduction.

Hey! It's Me. Intro.

Alexandra Fedorovsky is an international actress. Born in Ukraine, moved to Israel by the age of 5, mastered English on a professional level like her native languages Russian and Hebrew. She also speaks Spanish and learns German.

Alexandra was fascinated by art from a very early age, wrote poems and short stories. participated in school plays, read many books and fell in love with music, acting, and movies.

At the age of 16, she received a scholarship to one of the best art schools in Israel, Wizo, and enrolled in the theatre and literature course of study. Then she decided that acting will be her profession and after full two-year military service as a soldier- teacher with children she auditioned and was accepted to a bachelor's degree program in theatre& acting in one of the largest Universities in Israel, University of Haifa.

During her four-year full study program, she received a scholarship to study abroad and went for a semester abroad to study theatre at the University of Richmond, USA.

Today, after a year of acting, leading acting workshops and teaching in Germany, Alexandra is back in Israel, keeps creating, evolving as an actress, singer and writer, works on a play and on a script, runs blogs and workshops and ready for new adventures!


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